Our story

Ben Tre Province is a fertile land that benefits from all the minerals of the Mekong Delta. Here, coconut trees grow in abundance. They significantly contributed to the utility in daily activities and improved the local economy. Thus, the coconut candy industry in Vietnam was born from this province, with the current lead of Ben Tre coconut candy – taking on the name of the much beloved province.
The production of Ben Tre coconut candy dated back to 1978. Over last 4 decades, with more than 30 years experience in processing coconut candy branded “Ben Tre”, it successfully became the most recognizable coconut candy brand, which tightly associates with the image of “Auntie Hai Tỏ” – the founder of company. Every coconut candy piece is not only well known for the quality and exquisite taste from natural coconut, but also for the generosity, strong spirit, and passion of “Auntie Hai Tỏ”.

Our Products

The main recipe of Ben Tre coconut candy begun with the simple harmony of coconut milk, malt and sugar. Now under Dong A General Manufacturing and Trading Limited Company, the brand has been continuously researching for innovative production technologies in order to improve quality and diversify products, while keeping the promise of using only natural ingredients in its processes. Besides, the standards of food hygiene and safety benefit consumers’ health and environment are always guaranteed by local and national food assurance organizations.


Under Dong A General Manufacturing and Trading Limited Company, the small business grew to over 1,000 workers along with the factory expansion in 2010 with new technologies implemented for new products in addition to traditional coconut candies. Exporting rates kept going up steadily while domestic business also solidified as competitions started to mimic Auntie Hai Tỏ's signature image - the old woman with glasses. Nevertheless, Ben Tre coconut candy still puts out many tons of products yearly, yielding numerous of awards and profits. 

Our Commitments