Our People

Ben Tre coconut candy started out as a family business. With consistent developments and the factory expansion in 2010, the small business grew to over 1,000 workers; they are the core of Ben Tre coconut candy. Over the years, these workers played an important role in building the brand and are seen as family members of Auntie Hai To rather than mere employees. To produce each perfect coconut candy, the production procedure needs to be seamless and this could not be done without the intricacy and dedication of each individual. Every effort is valued and every person matters. All the input had contributed toward a longevity and stability of the brand. As an effort to give back, Ben Tre coconut candy always tries to provide the workers with insurance, healthcare and financial resources through charity work. These workers are the foundation of the quality products of which Ben Tre coconut candy is always proud.


While traditional coconut candies are packaged manually, Ben Tre coconut candy has always envisioned alternative producing methods that can push our brand beyond. Working with the limitation of Vietnamese machinery resources, there has been many venacular devices that contribute toward the company’s growth. Although this can be seen as an advantage, the company understood that formal developments in producing methodologies were needed. In 2017, Ben Tre coconut candy started to adapt contemporary techonology from Germany and Italy to create a new line of machine-packaged products as the fruition of many years of research and investments. The brand will continuously be researching for innovative production technologies in order to improve quality and diversify products, while keeping the promise of using only natural ingredients.

The Factory

Ben Tre coconut candy was awarded the honor of "Cultured Company" in 2009, which helped promoting our strength in business environment. Using that platform, we expanded our factory in 2010 in order to provide the workers with the most comfortable environment to focus on high efficiency manufacturing. With the commitment to ethical processes, high quality products and honest exchanges, the brand takes the consumer's assessments and the workers' feedbacks as guides to improve and develop our facilities.