Coconut Candy – Cocoa Flavor

Product Story: Ben Tre Cocoa Coconut Candy of Dong A General Production Business Co., Ltd

Ben Tre province is famous for its soaring rows of coconuts, carrying clusters of heavy fruit. The people of Dong Khoi hometown have been attached to the craft of producing and processing specialty coconut candy for many generations. Born and raised in the "Land of Coconuts", Ms. Hai To - the nickname of Ms. Pham Thi To - the founder of Dong A General Business Production Co. homeland system. That prompted Ms. Hai To to pioneer in researching and processing coconut candy with different flavors since 30 years ago. Since then, her way of doing things has been replicated by people and Ben Tre coconut candy brings in new vitality but always retains its inherent value.

Dong A Company's journey to build a brand of coconut candy products also experienced many ups and downs. In early 1998, Ben Tre coconut candy was faked with identical packaging and brand in China, but the quality is not guaranteed. Ms. Hai To has started her journey to reclaim justice for the Vietnamese brand in general and Ben Tre coconut candy in particular. After 8 long months, she bravely fought on the secret of justice, winning with her smile when the fake candy factory in China was forced to close after the lawsuit and Ben Tre coconut candy day. more trusted and promoted in the Chinese market..

Inheriting and promoting the foundational values, Dong A General Production Business Co., Ltd continuously researches advanced production technology to improve quality, diversify products to meet the increasing demands of customers. customers and satisfy market trends. Among the famous products of the company, Ben Tre Cocoa Coconut Candy is a great combination of traditional and modern taste, very "addictive" for those who have once enjoyed it.

Ben Tre Cocoa Coconut Candy is a combination of 3 main ingredients: coconut milk, white sugar, glutinous malt and cocoa accessories. The product has raised the value to 3-4 times of the original raw material. If the original coconut candy is soft, smooth and fragrant, the cocoa coconut candy has the sweet taste of coconut mixed with the light - delicate, modern bitterness of cocoa. Diners only once enjoying the candy feel awakened, optimistic, love life more. The candies are small but bring great power, connecting diners with the people of "coconut land" with the same dream of "Dong Khoi". Ben Tre Cocoa Coconut Candy is a gift from nature, wrapping both the rustic and idyllic features of the land and the people of Ben Tre.

Cocoa coconut candy production process undergoes strict stages. From the coconuts harvested in the selected gardens and put into the factory, workers will pry the copra, wash it, grind it, wrap the net to extract coconut milk, and then go through the process of mixing the product until it dissolves. even. Next, stir to concentrate, shape the candy wrapped in a bag. The production and packaging process always meets the quality management standards ISO 9001-2015, HACCP. Up to now, Ben Tre coconut candy produces hundreds of tons of products each year, the export rate continues to increase steadily. The company not only creates jobs for thousands of employees, but also helps people keep the traditional fire burning forever in the homeland of Dong Khoi.