Coconut Candy – Durian Flavor

The story of Ben Tre durian coconut candy product of Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd

Ben Tre province is located at the end of the Mekong River, where is famous for the production and processing of coconut candy hundreds of years old. Ms. Hai To - Founder of Dong A General Business Production Co., Ltd. was predestined to make coconut candy in 1978. At that time, seeing the situation of Ms. Hai To "one armpit 8 children", a friend My body taught me how to make coconut candy to sell to earn money to support my children and make a living. As time went on, from the sweets sold in the countryside market, she expanded to a number of neighboring localities and China is one of the main markets.

In early 1998, the consumption of Ben Tre coconut candy in China dropped sharply because Ben Tre coconut candy was counterfeited with identical packaging and brand but of lower quality. She alone traveled to China to claim the brand, proving that she is the owner of Ben Tre coconut candy and that her product is unique. After winning the anti-counterfeiting lawsuit in China, Ben Tre coconut candy has regained its brand name and so far, Dong A is the only company that can use the local name "Ben Tre" as a trademark. for product.

With a heart for her hometown's specialties, Ms. Hai To has researched, researched and breathed life into coconut candies with attractive flavors. If pure fat coconut candy brings a characteristic sweet and fatty flavor, Ben Tre durian coconut candy brings a strange feeling, blending between the sweet taste of coconut, the passionate and rich aroma of durian. unique, bringing a strange feeling and satisfying the passion for discovering diverse cuisines.

Ben Tre Durian Coconut Candy is a combination of two extremely abundant and famous local ingredients, coconut and durian. Ben Tre durian coconut candy always uses natural ingredients, carefully selected. In particular, the new golden browned desiccated coconut has a unique flavor, the juice is sweet and mild, and the durian used to make candy is grown in Ben Tre. Durian is not mushy, rice is thick, has sweetness, fat, nutritional content, protein, vitamins and minerals higher than other locally grown durians. Since then, Dong A Company's specialty durian coconut candy has a distinctive flavor and rich nutritional value.

Dong A Company applies and operates the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP. Ben Tre Coconut Candy products have been certified Halal. Exporting mainly to China, Laos, Cambodia, even Europe and America.” Every year, only two products of Ben Tre durian coconut candy and Ben Tre pure fat coconut candy, Dong A Company has spent consumed more than 362 tons of copra, contributing to promoting the growing coconut industry in the province.