Coconut Candy – Original Flavor

The story of Ben Tre pure fat coconut candy product of Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd

“Ben Tre long river sweet coconut
Where Mo Cay market has famous candy.
Mo Cay Candy is both fragrant and fat
Mo Cay girl is both smart and good"

Coconut candy making appeared in Ben Tre nearly 100 years ago, becoming a beauty in the production and cultural life of the people here. When it was born, coconut candy was a snack created by the Mo Cay people and the name "Mo Cay Candy" originated from that. After 4 decades of working with coconut candy making, Ms. Hai To (founder of Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd.) has built the Ben Tre Coconut Candy brand from traditional craft into products. industry.

The way to build a brand of coconut candy products of Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd also experienced many ups and downs. In 1998, Ben Tre coconut candy was counterfeited with identical packaging and brand in China. Ms. Hai To has started her journey to reclaim justice for the Vietnamese brand in general and Ben Tre coconut candy in particular. After 8 months of struggling to reclaim the brand, the authorities in Hainan, China admitted that the evidence provided by Ms. Hai To was true and that the fake coconut candy factory branded Ben Tre coconut candy in China. The country is closed. The glorious victory in the battle to regain the coconut candy brand "Ben Tre" by Mrs. Hai To has left a good impression in the hearts of domestic and international consumers.

Currently, Dong A Company has about 25 products, especially coconut candy has more than 10 types with different tastes. In which, pure fat coconut candy bearing the soul of Ben Tre coconut candy specialty has always achieved the highest consumption.

Ben Tre pure fat coconut candy has a strong vitality that is beyond the laws of time. For those who have tasted it, they will be captivated by the combination of sweet, greasy and pleasant aroma characteristic of coconut. Those candies always contain a part of childhood aftertaste, nostalgia, pride for those who were born and raised here. And it seems to pack both the soul of the countryside and the love of the people of the rustic and heroic Dong Khoi land.

Coconut milk, white sugar and glutinous malt are the 3 main ingredients to make pure coconut candy. The production process is closed from prying copra, washing, pureeing, squeezing juice, mixing ingredients, concentrating, shaping candy, packing into bags, packing boxes and storing. The secret to the signature rich quality and flavor is to use locally available natural ingredients. In addition, the company applies and operates the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP. Ben Tre Coconut Candy products have been certified Halal and have health benefits, helping the digestive system and cardiovascular system to be healthier. For these reasons, at present, pure coconut candy products have been distributed at 22 domestic agents, mainly exported to China, Laos, Cambodia,...

Over the past 30 years, Dong A Company has contributed to creating jobs for hundreds of local workers and improving the value of traditional professions. In the coming time, the company will continue to increase production scale and lower the price of finished products to increase competitiveness in the market.