Coconut Candy – Pandan & Durian Flavor

Product story: Ben Tre durian coconut candy of Dong A General Trading Production Co., Ltd

On the journey of 30 years of producing and processing specialty coconut candy - Ben Tre, Dong A General Trading Production Co., Ltd has achieved many good results. It was a glorious victory in the battle to regain the coconut candy brand "Ben Tre" by Mrs. Hai To in 1999 in China, which left a good impression in the hearts of domestic and international consumers. The event has once again confirmed that coconut candy production is not merely an economic activity, but it also carries a cultural identity of "the people of coconut - Ben Tre".

Over the years, the company has constantly improved and diversified its products with a variety of flavors to meet domestic and international markets. In particular, pineapple durian coconut candy is a product favored by customers because of its unique characteristic aroma. Perhaps, it is not an exaggeration to say that the good trees and sweet fruits of the Western garden are wrapped in coconut candies, as a gift from the very idyllic homeland of Dong Khoi to everyone and everyone. House.

"Durian pineapple candy coconut" with Ben Tre brand using natural ingredients. From pure coconut milk is a special specialty only in the homeland of "coconut", combined with white sugar and malt extracted from glutinous rice produced by the company itself, with fresh durian and pandan leaves. The unique feature of the product is the quintessential convergence of flavors and colors of durian rice originating from Cai Mon, Cho Lach and fresh pandan leaf juice. That blend brings its own soul, wrapped in each candy is the blue of the sky and the yellow of the motherland of Ben Tre.

Coconut candy with pineapple flavor has soft fibers, very rich fat, faintly fragrant pineapple leaves, sweet and simple, so you can eat a lot without getting bored. Coconut candy provides many good nutrients for the body such as protein, fiber, fat, calcium, magnesium, ... and vitamins. The nutrients in coconut help keep the heart healthy, improve brain function, boost immunity and aid digestion.

Producing coconut candy is not difficult, but not everywhere is as delicious and skillful as in Ben Tre. In the past, candy was cooked manually, at a small facility, with a lot of effort from scraping copra, squeezing coconut milk, to mixing ingredients, and spinning the dough. Over the years, Dong A General Production Trading Co., Ltd. has invested and applied modern machinery in production. Accordingly, after preparing the necessary ingredients, proceed to puree and squeeze the necessary juices such as coconut milk, fresh pandan leaves, ... Next, on the candy pans, there are cameras. pre-assembled to rotate until the candy reaches maturity, the cook just waits to pour it into the tray and then divides the candy into long molds and then waits to cool to cut into small pieces. The final stage is the packaging of the finished product.

For many years, the specialty of Ben Tre durian coconut candy has dominated the domestic market and exported to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, and the US. The company has created jobs for employees, effectively taking advantage of the abundant raw materials created locally. In the coming time, the company remains steadfast in its mission to elevate the Ben Tre coconut candy specialty brand.